Running Into Story Issues (by Steven Miller)

Working on my story on voter registrars, I experienced mostly success, getting a chance to talk with quite a few different people.

I found that people who are volunteering their own time to help better their community and country to get out the vote are very likely to be willing to answer a few questions for students. I had a near 100% success rate when trying to interview registrars on the street. I also was able to get phone numbers and email addresses for the leaders of specific groups.

Fortunately, these student leaders were all able to meet with me and I was able to get behind-the-scenes information and some fun facts about the registration process.

I have found that approaching someone with a random initial question about what they are doing is a good way to get information in the long run. For example, with my street-walking registrars, I often asked if I could snag one of their stickers to get out the vote. By appearing more interested in their plans, they were more likely to help me out!

–          Steven Miller

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