Uninformed about student debt and loans (by Hannah Curley)

When I chose to report on student debt and loans, I was convinced that I would have an easy topic to get sources. Being on a college campus, I am surrounded by those most directly influenced by the issue.

I was surprised to find how many people were, first of all, not willing to talk about student loans or debt. I can completely understand not wanting to discuss actual finances, but most surprising to me was the amount of students who were uninformed about this specific issue.

If I could do further investigating, I would like to talk to high school seniors, who are in the process of choosing college. For them, the next president will directly impact financial aid for the beginning of their college careers.

Obviously I couldn’t talk to every student, so there definitely were — and are — many who think this is an important issue. I think it is sometimes difficult to talk to strangers about politics. I would have felt uncomfortable, for example, if a student I didn’t know asked me my opinion on something political.
— Hannah Curley

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