While on the campaign trail (by: Emily Rappleye)

While on the campaign trail, I felt like I ran into three distinct political personalities over and over again:

The Disenchanted Citizens: These people are fed up with our political system or simply hate all the candidates. They may have voted in the past, but their current apathy stems from discontent with our political system.

I ran into a couple of these personalities as I nosed around for interviews. One woman told me she voted the past few years, but in this election she didn’t like any of the candidates enough to bother. She was holding out for Hillary Clinton.

The Reluctant Participants: These people are shy about their opinions because they’re not sure how they fit into the political landscape. They want to vote, but they feel uncomfortable talking about politics because they don’t feel informed enough.

I encountered one out-of-state student who completely backed off from our conversation about which state she was going to vote in when asked for an interview. She told me plain and simple that she would prefer not to talk about politics and that was that.

The Know-It-Alls: These people seemed to crop up everywhere; suddenly,everyone is a political expert. Some of these people are great resources. But be wary of others – conviction does not always equate to fact.

One guy I interviewed told me at the end of our conversation that he knew more about politics than most people, probably including me.
— Emily Rappleye

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