Notions dispelled and clarified (by: Ryan Blair)

The first thing I learned from doing this assignment was that, when you have a topic that you really want and stories are going to be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, make sure you get your claim in as soon as possible.  It’s frustrating to lose the topic you really wanted.

Along the lines of sources, I found out that I needed to start finding them — local election officials, in my case– a lot earlier than I did, especially because I was doing a story involving elections just under two weeks away.  I needed to start getting in contact with people much earlier than I did, if I wanted to get responses.

It was interesting, though, to hear the perspectives of the Government Accountability Board and compare that to what I had heard before from deputy voter registrars, which is what had originally inspired my interest in this topic.  I came into this assignment with some notions that were quickly dispelled and clarified, and I thought that was pretty cool.
— Ryan Blair

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1 Response to Notions dispelled and clarified (by: Ryan Blair)

  1. Kathryn Rusk says:

    The persepctive sof the government Accountability Board are?

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