Challenges and lessons (by: Katie Klopf)

    During the process of writing my story, I learned how important it is to present both sides of an issue for readers. So many news stories, both in print and broadcast, seem to plant opinion in the content of the story. That can present a biased approach and influence audience members in one direction, instead of letting them make their own information-based decision.

   I came across some frustrating issues while gathering information for my story. It was a challenge to get callbacks and even emails in response to my questions. Although I did find alternative sources that happened to be written by the people I tried to contact, everything did fall into place at the end.

   Although I would not call myself a very political person, it was interesting to find out the positions of presidential and U.S. Senate candidates on certain issues. I believe that this information should be readily available for voters (or non-voters) for educational purposes. I feel the Internet is so overcrowded with biased information that it is difficult for people to retrieve truthful information from a variety of candidates without getting a framed response.

  Election Connection provides that information in an organized fashion.

–          Katie Klopf

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