Challenges of video reporting (by: Amelia Rufer)

For my Election Connection story,  I decided to tackle a new kind of project:  video shooting and editing. Since I’ll be graduating in May, I wasn’t sure if I would ever get a chance to learn more about it before I left campus. So I signed up.

The biggest challenge was learning the technology needed to showcase the piece. I had a digital camera, and I knew how to use iMovie. I really wanted to practice some more advanced editing, and the idea that I would have a chance to try technology that is more professional was exciting. So I went with the JVC camera and learned Final Cut Pro X editing.

This experience uniquely tested me; usually, I pick something I know I can excel at. With this, I didn’t know how to do it, and I had to accept going into it that I would probably not be able to make it as perfect as I wanted. That was challenging. But I think I’ve learned that I’m comfortable not creating the world’s best video clip, if I could challenge myself. While it certainly won’t win any awards, I am very glad I pursued the project that I did.

–          Amelia Rufer

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