Wisconsin Public Media (by: Adam Wolf)

For my election story, I interviewed individuals from Milwaukee Public Television, Wisconsin Public Television, and WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio, all of whom were gracious with their time.

Upon interviewing these individuals and learning about their respective networks, there was one thing that seemed to hold true for all: They all noted the viewers or listeners in their market were exceptionally generous with their donations.

As a person who doesn’t really watch public television or listen to public radio, I was surprised to hear that so many visitors and listeners would willingly donate their own money to preserve public television. But as Ellis Bromberg of MPTV said, viewers and listeners simply can’t get the type of programming from PBS and NPR anywhere else on the television or radio spectrum; other nonpublic stations have bent to the commercial model, foregoing quality programming for profit-seeking.

Although it’s uncertain what the future might hold for public broadcasting, it seems like its viewers and listeners are willing to put up a hell of a fight to preserve it.

–          Adam Wolf

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