Young voters (by: Anna Johnson)

I was shocked by the influence that young voters can have on the 2012 presidential election: 46 million people comprise the “young voter” group (18-29 year olds). That’s millions more than the 36 million over–age-65 “seniors.”

Surprisingly, senior voters have more of an impact on the election because, according to Gallup polls, they turn out in higher numbers than any other age demographic. Young voters are least likely to vote. These facts shed a lot of light on why candidates focus on topics that are important to seniors, such as Medicare. If young voters aren’t likely to vote, why would the candidates bother talking about issues important to  them?

While all of this makes sense, it’s still disappointing. Everyone should use their right to vote to express themselves and choose a leader that they feel would best lead our country. Information from non-partisan sources is prolific on the Internet and can be readily accessed by almost anyone. (Check out the links provided on Election Connection’s home page for more information).
Fellow young voters, let’s use our rights to build the country we want to live in. VOTE!
— Anna Johnson

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