Interviewing the Democrat student leader (by: Alex DiTullio )

My process of conducting interviews and completing my profile of College Democrats Chair Chris Hoffman was pretty straightforward.  I think I had an especially easy time considering I had a single source story.

The bulk of my work went into creating interview questions, which I felt yielded good responses that made for an interesting story.  I was surprised at how much Chris Hoffman was willing to talk, especially considering how busy he is right now with the election looming in the near future.  I really appreciated how genuine Chris’s responses were to my questions.

I have interviewed and talked with quite a few political figures who often times seem to answer questions like they have rehearsed their responses a thousand times.  Chris, on the other hand, really opened up to me about why the election is personally important to him, as well as giving some background on his home life.  I appreciated his honesty, authenticity and time.

–Alex DiTullio

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