Mobile and Social Media (by: Kaely Levy)

As a 20-year-old college student, I tend to get most of my information online.  Twitter and Facebook constantly update me.  Yes, when I have free time I do read the newspaper but it’s a lot easier to get up to date information from the web.  This is a trait of my generation: we have grown up reading, but on our computers, not in newspapers.

My prediction is that as the years go on, social media will just become more and more influential.  I asked several classmates, friends and random people on the street what they thought about social media in this campaign and every college person I asked thought social media played a huge role in giving them information.  The older generation, like my parents, tended to get their news from the paper.

I think that Obama is doing a great job in reaching the younger demographic.  He has grasped the power of the social and mobile media platform, which allows for efficient communication and can be manipulated to educate, create ideas and even to raise money.

 –Kaely Levy

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