Political Advertising (by:Hannah Kotovic)

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story, however, it took me a while to figure out which direction I wanted to take it. It was challenging because political advertising is such a broad topic, and there are so many sub-categories that I wanted to expand on, such as digital, social media, TV, radio, outdoor etc.

I originally wanted to touch on all of those, but as I began to interview people, I found the common theme of negativity in the ads. Once I decided to expand on this aspect of advertising, it was  challenging for me to focus the story, because it is not necessarily a topic that is based solely on facts or numbers, but is more subject to opinions and different perspectives. It was helpful to get professional opinions, especially from the advertising perspective.

I found this topic to be a rewarding subject, because as viewers, we see hundreds of political ads, but we don’t stop to think about where they come from, who they target, or what effect they may have. It was interesting to hear multiple opinions.

–Hannah Kotovic

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