Purple Wisconsin (by: Makayla Mladenovic)

The part I enjoyed most about writing this story was talking to various people.  This, to me, is one of the greatest parts of being a journalist.  I was a little weary of the topic at first, but that quickly changed once I began speaking to different sources.

I started gaining more knowledge about the polling process and potential reasons guiding people to possibly vote for a Republican on the state level and a Democrat on a national level.  Once I began hearing different explanations for why Wisconsinites may do this, I became more excited about writing the story.  Being excited about the topic definitely makes a story come together easier and better written.

The aspect I struggled with most was finding a person that fit the profile of someone who voted for Gov. Walker and was planning on voting for President Obama.  I thought incorporating input from this person would enhance my story, but, as every journalist knows, this magical person is often difficult to find.  And this time was no different.

After weeks of talking to people, posting on Facebook and tweeting to ask everyone
I knew to help me find this person … I was still empty handed.  As the only other alternative I could come up with, two days before the deadline, I decided to angle the story from a historical perspective.  I had to look at past elections where Wisconsin voted for a Republican as Governor and Democrat for President.  This became the new angle to my story.

Overall, I really enjoyed getting to speak with my sources.  I’ve gained better knowledge into the polling process and why people may have a split vote from writing this article.  I hope this can be seen through the story.

–Makayla Mladenovic

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