Visual Diary (by: Nathan Palm)

I really enjoyed working on my video piece for our class election project. I had to opportunity to follow two student political workers for the better part of the day and essentially see the type of work they do.

It was a bit tricky to follow Johnny Koremenos, since he’s stationed in Appleton, WI, but he came down to Madison and took me to a Republican office in Germantown, WI. With John Magnino, I observed him working at a Democratic office in downtown Madison.

While both Koremenos and Magnino hold different position titles and work for different political parties, it was interesting to see the similarities between the two.

I wanted to show how involved some UW-Madison students are in the political world, particularly with this upcoming election. I felt Koremenos and Magnino were the perfect examples to demonstrate this work for the Republican and Democratic parties of Wisconsin.


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