Looking Beyond the Abortion Debate (By: Caitlin Furin)

When it came time to choose story ideas for Election Connection, I hesitated in picking women’s rights. In my realm of friends and contacts, I hadn’t heard much about women’s rights in this election. I had watched the debates and read a bunch of articles, but none of them addressed women’s rights beyond the brief reference to the abortion debate.

But I went ahead and decided to pursue the women’s rights issues, because it’s something that I personally am paying attention to during this election. I wanted to look beyond the abortion debate and learn more about health care. I was able to do this, and much more.

Talking with students from PAVE and the Campus Women’s Center was a great experience. It is wonderful to see students that are fighting for women’s rights on this campus. It was actually my contact at PAVE that informed me about the opposition against the Violence Against Women Act. Women, especially students, need to educate themselves on how this election can affect them. Organizations like PAVE are trying to do help women do that.

 I am very happy with the outcome of my story. I feel like I received a lot of well –rounded information about a variety of women’s issues. I hope that women will read this article and consider the information when they go to the polls on November 6th

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